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segways-300The Segway is a pretty cool two-wheeled vehicle. It doesn’t take much effort to make it move. The problem is that it can only go 12 miles per hour (20 kilometers an hour), which is too slow to get very far. You also have charge it up for 6 hours – by plugging it into an electric socket — so you could travel just 15 miles (24 km). So can a Segway ever replace a car? The inventor of the Segway thinks it could.

In the city, cars take up a lot of space and cause a lot of pollution. It’s hard to find parking in the city and there is often a lot of traffic. You can drive a Segway on the sidewalk, passing right by people and cars that stuck in traffic jams. You don’t need gas, and you can take it up into the office so there is no need to find a parking spot. The Segway may be slow, but it could be helpful for short distances in crowded places. Some people think they’re perfect for city living.

Courtesy: HowStuffWorks

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