Article: Weirdest Sea Creatures Print


Blobfish: This fish (if “fish” we can really call it) is the weirdest looking sea creature we’ve ever seen. What’s worse is that this animal is just as lazy as it looks and sounds…it barely expends any energy even eating, making sure it gobbles up whatever just happens to be floating by at the moment.


Frilled Shark: The frilled shark is not your typical shark, judging by looks alone. It closely resembles an eel—so much so that it’s mistaken for an eel quite often, and the only real distinguishing features are its signature six gill slits.


Leafy Sea Dragon: The Leafy Sea Dragon is one of the few sea creatures with its own built-in camouflage. How awesome is that? The tiny fins that are used to propel our leafy friend forward are impossible to see, giving the illusion that you are merely watching some seaweed lazily float by.

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