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time-for-a-shave-400Growing up can be pretty hairy, especially for boys. After years of sporting a squeaky clean face, suddenly you’re using a razor and shaving cream to scrape stubble from your chin! So what’s causing all that stubble trouble? In a word, hormones! During puberty, these chemical signals give you the green light to grow into adulthood, and the growth of body hair is just one of many big changes that are happening to you! On average, boys grow facial hair between the ages of 14 and 16. A few boys may notice this hair before they’re 13, while others won’t get any until they’re 19 or 20.

Okay, so now that you have hair, you want to get rid of it! But before you start shaving, check to see that the blades of your razor are smooth and free of nicks. You may cut yourself if they’re not. Be sure that your razor is sharp, too. A dull blade can irritate and pull at your skin. And after you’ve finished shaving, splash cold water on your face. Since shaving opens up the pores of your skin, you’ll need the cold water to close them up and prevent dirt from getting in.

Still unsure about this mysterious morning ritual? Then ask your dad — or that fatherly-figure in your life — for advice–after all, he has many more years of experience than you! In any case, don’t let any of your body’s big changes scare you during puberty. Instead, they’re just telling you that all is well on your way to adulthood. And keep in mind that all the cool and confident grown-ups you admire today were once clumsy, gawky kids who went through puberty, too!

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