Article: Is there a bear that wears glasses? Print


  • The spectacled bear gets its name from its pale yellow face markings. They look just like glasses.
  • Each bear’s spectacle pattern is different.
  • The spectacled bear is the only remaining short-faced bear. Others species died out thousands of years ago.
  • An excellent climber, the spectacled bear often makes platforms in trees to rest and eat on.
  • The spectacled bear has been known to climb prickly cacti to feed on the fruit at the top.
  • The spectacled bear is the only bear species in South America.
  • Paddington bear is the most famous of these bears.
  • All other types of bears have 14 pairs of ribs. The spectacled bear has only 13.
  • Its long, curved claws are great for digging or breaking into insect mounds for food.
  • Its longer front legs help them to climb.

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