Article: How do mosquito magnets work? Print

MosquitoWhat’s the best way to get rid of mosquitoes? Should you spray chemicals to keep them away from you or should you use screens to keep them out of your house? There’s another choice: Get rid of the mosquitoes in your area altogether with a mosquito magnet.

A mosquito magnet is a machine that attracts mosquitoes using chemicals that they like. The machine gives off a cloud of vapor (smoke) with the chemicals inside. When the mosquitoes fly close to the machine, they get vacuumed (sucked) into of a bag, where they die. Mosquitoes keep getting attracted to this machine and keep getting sucked inside. There are fewer mosquitoes around to lay eggs for more mosquitoes to hatch. After four to six weeks, you’ll notice that you have fewer mosquitoes in your neighborhood. A Coast Guard base in the Bahamas had a lot of mosquitoes. They used mosquito magnet machines and caught one and a half million mosquitoes in six days, and saved themselves from getting a lot of bites.

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