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eating-abroad-300When it comes to pure water and good food, sometimes there’s no place like home. But as long as you’re careful about what you eat and drink abroad, your personal health won’t have to take any nasty detours. Since some countries don’t have water treatment plants that are strong enough to remove viruses and parasites, you need to know how to sip safely. So whether you want to quench your thirst, brush your teeth or rinse your contact lenses, reach for bottled water. If there’s only tap water around, boil the water first or purify it with an iodine tablet.

Local cuisine not too appetizing? You’ll be surprised to discover that you may find peace of mind with pizza, something you’ll probably find served most places on Earth! Pizza dough, sauce and cheese are all foods that are less likely to spoil than others. The high heat of a pizza oven will most likely kill off any harmful bacteria, too. Can’t find a slice that’s nice? Then stick with boiled foods, plus fruits and veggies that have been peeled before eating. And to fight turista (a.k.a. traveler’s diarrhea), avoid uncooked or undercooked meats; you never know what foreign germs might be lurking in them.

Finally, remember that eating and drinking properly means a lot more than just filling your tummy–you’re also building up the appetite and energy to enjoy all the exciting adventures ahead on your vacation. So eat well and be healthy; you won’t get lost if you follow those directions.

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