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bul1-baseball-article4-300If you understand the baseball field, you will understand the game. Baseball is played on a diamond with four points and a mound in the middle. Each corner of the diamond is a base. In a counterclockwise position from one base, called home plate, are the first, second and third bases. The pitcher stands on the mound and hurls the ball at the batter standing at home plate. With any luck, the batter whacks the baseball with the bat and runs as quickly as possible around the bases. If the player is really good, or really lucky, he or she gets all the way back to home plate and scores a point, called a run. If the opposing team fields the ball efficiently, the batter doesn’t have a chance to score because he or she will be out. Once a team accumulates three of these outs, then the teams switch from batting to fielding. When both sides have had a chance to bat and have each had three outs, it’s called an inning. Game play continues until the teams have played nine innings.

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