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If you’re a great prankster, your April Fool’s antics get better every year. A great April Fool’s Day joke is creative, sometimes gross – but always something to guarantee laughs by all parties involved! Get inspired by these five ideas to start planning for the most epic moment of April.


1. Discovery Kids Disgusting Facts Kit

This set includes a paperback book as fun way to teach 100 educational yet disgusting facts! Use the gross plastic toys from the yet that look like real snot, flies and creepy crawlies and leave them in unsuspecting places.













2. The No-Lather Soap

Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish. Anyone who washes their hands will be confused about why their soap has no suds!











3. Real Scary Spiders

Use our Real Scary Spiders app along with the companion toy to freak out your friends. Let the remote-controlled web blasting tarantula brush past their hand by surprise! Visit for more details.



4. Cat Poop Cookies

Don’t be alarmed – these are actually chocolate cookies with graham cracker crumbs! Using a new, clean container, tell someone you thought that the cat should have a new litter box. When you take a bite out of the cookie, they won’t believe their eyes! Get the recipe here.










5. Arachnid Attack

A simple combination of string, scissors, water and tape can make the biggest, nastiest fake spiderweb! Your friends who brush past it will wonder why it’s so slimy.

Click here for directions on how to build your own.




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