Article: 4 Ideas for Indoor Winter Fun Print

Winter may mean less time outside, but that doesn’t mean less fun!

Here are 5 ideas for entertaining indoor activities with the kids.

1. Jell-o or Ice Excavation

Freeze a few small toys in water in a food storage container, cake pan or even a balloon, then let your kids get to work excavating their toys from the ice with a spoon. Rachelle at Tinkerlab went all out with a gelatin mold and bottles of colored water.

This project could get a little messy, so make sure you do it in an area where a little water won’t hurt– outside, or in the bath, if that’s easier! The less water you use, the faster the ice will melt and the easier the excavation will be.

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2. Puzzles and Word Finds 

The Discovery Kids Activities page is loaded with interesting puzzles, coloring pages and word finds. Kids can learn about animals, science, space and the world around them through our interactive enrichment.

Space Puzzles


3. Light- Up Life Savers

Did you know that Wint-O-Green Lifesavers have special energy that can make sparks fly when they’re crushed? Try this activity and find out how.



4. Create Snowy Art

With some paper, glue and epsom salt, kids can create the snowy scene they see outside.



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