Activity: Bug Detective Print

bug-detective-400During summer, when the days last longer and the temperatures climb higher, and the bugs all seem to come out to play. There are millions of them, flying, crawling, squirming, and reproducing, everywhere you look. This summer, why not turn the tables on the little guys and discover what’s happening in your own backyard. Be a bug detective and keep a summer bug journal to record your findings.

What you’ll need:

– A notebook-attach a pen or pencil to the notebook with string and tape
– Clear cellophane tape
– A clean glass jar with a screw-on lid
– A piece of cardboard
– A good insect reference book with lots of pictures

What to do:

Look for bugs under rocks, in pools and ponds, and around the base of trees. The safest way to catch bugs (because some bite or sting) is to place a glass jar over the
bug you want to catch and then slip the cardboard across the opening. Every time you find a new bug, record your observations in the journal, noting where you found it, what the bug was doing, etc. Make sure to make a note on each page to remind yourself which of the bugs in your jar goes with which description. (You can also simply observe and draw the bugs you find, or take photos.)

You can either release each bug after observing it for a while (the ethical thing to do), or keep it in the sealed jar in a sunny place until it dies and dries out. Then, simply tape it to the notebook page where you described it. You can look up the bug to identify it, or just keep the book to gross out and/or impress your friends.

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